Sunday, June 17, 2012

Shelters are not the place to get a happy pet picture

Big Boy one of my ten Cats.. No I'm not a horder.. I also have one Dog - CoCo.
About 5years ago in November CoCp was found wondering at the side of the highway, she was picked up and taken ti the local store where they were trying to find her owner.. When I saw her, knowing she was part pit I decided I'd take her home. She was so little she fit in a plastic soda crate. I figure she was about 10- 12 weeks old.  Two months later at about 3 am I heard a kitten crying. there was the cat I now call grandma and the grandmother if this pride of cats.

She had a litter before I could afford to get her fixed.. her kittens were given to good homes and were spayed/neutered all except for one. Momma cat, yes another sad to say two litters.  b ut being careful about the homes they went to and the shelters being so full I just couldn't possibly dump them off at a shelter.. besides they were my babies. so O built a cat run it is 24 ft long by 8 ft wide with one wall 10 ft and the other 7ft so there is a shed roof on it. It has metal screening cloth fir walls and they access it via a window in my kitchen.
the cat bixes are outside and the cat stay pretty much outside. Here in Missouri you shouldn't let your cats run free because of Bob cat tick disease  real name -
cytauxzoonosis there is no cure and it kills.  99.9% of the time.

so the cat run.....
this is Momma

 her mother above and a wild black cat I called black cat are her parents. she has  eight children. 3 tortioushell cats 2 black and white males and three solid blacks. ALL are fixed... thank the lord! The biggest of the black cats used to nurse on CoCo and still treats her as if she's the momma.

Our cat run....

By the way did you go feed the PETS -