About me

My name is Nelda. I love animals all kinds. As a child, I had a pet of some kid, on and off. But after I got out of the service, LOL I started gathering animals around me.
No, I'm not a vegetarian, but I've been thinking about it, any way I should be telling you about why I'm here, the owner of this blog.

I wanted a place where we could talk about pets. Good, bad, indifferent, maybe help each other out with information about all the little cute and not so cute things we go through as pet owners. Maybe I should refraise that?  "Owned by Pets." that would make a good blog topic...LOL now about my business because I think you should know.

 Owner of Aircastles Internet Marketing
 Personal Information:  I love Graphics and Color family and my pets

I attended school in Grays Harbor County, Washington, USA. I acquired a GED in 1969, before attending Tacoma Technical College, Tacoma, Washington for a secretarial degree. She attended Jacksonville Community College, Jacksonville, Florida 1995 - 1996 for accounting and acquired an AA in Commercial Art and Advertisement at Texas State Technical College, Waco, Texas, 1997 -1999.

I was a member of the U.S. Army for close to 14 years, enlisting in 1973 in the Women's Army Corps - WAC, converting to the US Army in 1976, acquiring the rank of E6, before medically retiring in 1987.

1984-1985 I served as the first female Advanced Individual Training Platoon Sergeant at the US Army Chemical School, Ft McClellan, Anniston, Alabama.

Over the years, I have been stationed in the lower continental United States, Japan, South Korea and Germany, in that order.

I believe that you can learn more about a country and its people if you visit the areas that are not geared to the military.
I spent most of my off duty time among the natives of each country.

In 1989, I was certified by Duncan Ceramics and served as the Ceramics Instructor at Ft Stewart, Georgia's Craft Shop, as a GS5, instructing in ceramics, pottery and porcelain dolls, filling in with stained glass when needed.

My hobbies are Genetic Genealogy, Ceramics, Creating Websites, and Graphics and of course my pets. My family is not a hobby they are my life.