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Want to preserve the internet we know and love, and keep it an innovative force for the future?

Today, Mozilla is joining in a virtual strike with other leading public interest organizations and tech companies, from Wikipedia to Reddit to Google, to protest the PROTECT IP Act (PIPA) and its companion legislation in the US House, the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) -- and we need your voice.

The fact is that it's been a great couple of weeks in the fight against the PROTECT IP and Stop Online Piracy Acts -- the White House came out against them, and the growing chorus of opposition both in and outside of government has been heartening.

But the fight is not over, particularly in the Senate. There's a week left until Senators return to Washington from their districts, when their vote is scheduled on the PROTECT IP Act -- can you help make one last push while they're still nearby, by calling their local offices and asking them not to support PIPA? Get started here:

And to see how Mozilla is striking -- and for other ways to take action today -- check out:

No matter what happens, this isn't the last step -- there's currently a vote on the PROTECT IP Act scheduled for next week, once the Senate is back in session, and if it goes forward we'll be in touch with how to make the biggest difference beforehand.

Thanks for all you've done to help fight this misguided legislation. It's looking good, but we can't let up now.


P.S. -- Not in the US? Unfortunately, you shouldn't contact the senate, but please forward this on to anyone you know in the states, and the Electronic Frontier Foundation has put together a petition to get your message to the US State Department. You can sign that here:


Ben Simon
Join Mozilla Lead
Mozilla Foundation

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