Friday, February 10, 2012

What is Love?

Have you ever had a pet? They have emotions... try leaveing home for an hour and see how happy your Dog / Cat is to see you when you get back, that's love. Try watching a mother animal with her babies, domestic or wild she will give her life to defend them.

That is a type of intelligence, granted not as smart as humans, but are we really smarter. WE poison our environment, they don't.

Gas Chambers were use by Hitler to dispose of Human beings, and some states use Gas Chambers to dispose of abandoned and discarded domesticated pets. Are we so inhuman as to use the same methods as Hitler...He disposed of People, truly a greater offense then killing animals the same way. But are we so inhuman that we can use the same methods as Hitler. Do you know what a death by Gas does, Do you really just lay down and go to sleep like the movies play it out... GET REAL -

Carbon monoxide gas chambers are definitely not a "good death", as animals slowly suffocate to death, sometimes taking 45 minutes and multiple gassings in order to die. Animals cry, bite one another, and bleed out of their cavities, all while fully conscious.

Is that even close to loving your pet, try abandoning your pet in a state that still kills unwanted shelter animals that way... Did you love your pet, he loved you!.

I believe in non-kill shelters, but if you have to, then do it humanely. Sign the petition to end GAS CHAMBER KILLINGS...!/petition/ban-use-gas-chambers-killing-shelter-companion-animals-they-are-inhumane-expensive-and-dangerous/2CnVwQht

Please go sign the petition

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