Friday, April 6, 2012

Will you Spay or Neuter?

I was just over at CARE2 where I signed a petition for responsible owners/Parents to Spay or Neuter Your Pet. The over population of Pets would be helped if each of us took responsibility for Spaying or Neutering.  Of course it will not help abuse but education about pet care will.
 Be a Responsible Owner, Spay or Neuter Your Pet Before Kitten/Puppy Season! petition
don't just sign it... 

Have you rescued an animal -Your story is needed to inspire others please use:

You wouldn't believe the heart wrenching stories of how animals have been helped. Taken out of situations where they were mistreated, starving, beaten, run over by cars, deserted to starve to death, caught in fishing line, babies falling out of trees... every kind of story you could think of.  And someone like you, yes just like you reaches out and rescues them.  I love reading the stories, although, I must say some have me in tears.
Can you picture putting a rubber band around a puppy's nose so it can't cry then puting it into a box taping that shut and leaving it behind a 7-11 store in 35 below temperatures... the puppy was there long enough that the rubber band had cut into his little face...Thank goodness he was rescued...

Share your story and make my day!

Oh and don't forget to go feed the pets... REMEMBER IT IS FREE

 Take care...Nelda

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