Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The question is why?

I just finished reading about another animal who has been tortured by humans. I'm still crying.Why, that is the first and almost impossible question to answer... Why... Arn't we bigger better more inteligent then other animals? Why, did it give them pleasure? Why, didn't we train our children to love and respect others. Why do we not have any compassion anymore?

Is there no limit to the horrendous ability the human has to injure  helpless trusting loving pets?

I get notification of causes to my email account and the story of Titus broke my heart.  Just look at this baby's body the story goes that he and his owner were playing in the park. but here is a verbatim copy of the message.
His name is Tidus, and what happened to him, could happened to your dog…
Two weeks ago, Tidus was happily playing in the park with his owner, a normal evening walk/play socializing with other dogs in the park… All of a sudden, Tidus was nowhere to be seen.
His owner looked everywhere for him. He was wearing his collar, tag with telephone number, microchip, surely if he was lost he would be found and returned to her… Minutes passed, one hour and there was no trace of Tidus. The park and every adjacent street are combed. There was no trace.
Someone says he has seen a group of youngsters walking towards a solitary part of town walking with a tail wagging dog.
Tidus was found three hours later, and nothing could prepare it's owner for what she was about to find.
 This baby is fighting for his life. Please help him...
FULL STORY ...CHIP-IN and more heartwrenching pictures please see link ..
If you can only give a dollar give it... some day you may need help too... but I pray to God it is never for anything like this.


  1. We can all help it only takes a minute. We need stronger laws about animal abuse. It needs to be punished severely, not a minor felony. Each state need to adopt laws that punish these types of crimes. A person or group of people who can do these types of acts are criminally sick and can advance to torture of humans.

    You can't put them down, but you can sure lock them up. Make the punishment so severe that there is no thought of playing these games.

    Please help this family pay for the help this group is giving this poor dog and others who need adoption.

  2. To see more on Tidus


    This rescue will take thousands of dollars.. Tidus is healing but will need skin grafts. Please donate.. any thing will help!