Sunday, January 27, 2013


January 27,2013
Dear Mayor Julián Castro,
San Antonio, Texas, USA

Sir, it has come to my attention that on Tuesday, January 22, 2013, your Animal Care Services Assistant Director Vincent Medley, removed 19 Dogs from a home seizure.  Removing the Dogs after months, even  a year of knowledge about the abuse these dogs were receiving;  you would think the “HUMAINE” thing to do would be remove them yes?…… But no Assistant Director Vincent Medley seemed more interested in creating a scene  for the media. He and his staff further traumatized the 19 dogs by using catch poles “DRAGGING” them across  the street instead of using crates to remove them.
Watch the video here:

In my opinion this was a set up for the media cameras. Any person, I refuse to use the word human, as his actions were not humane; that would further traumatize these dogs needs to be fired immediately.

Further, It is my opinion, that instead of releasing these dogs to a non kill shelter, that some drummed up "issue" that requires immediate euthanasia will be used  instead of holding the dogs for the duration of the investigation.

Mayor Castro, "YOUR"  ACS has a documented history of abusive handling of animals under Medley's leadership. Please, instruct ACS Director Kathy Davis to charge Vincent Medley with animal cruelty and to immediately fire him and the assistants that participated  in this shameful event.

Also ask the that the dogs be evaluated by an independent vet before euthanizing them.

Mayor Castro remember what Mahatma Gandhi said "The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the manner in which its animals are treated"

So can the greatness of a Texas City, Lets keep Texas Great.

I am posting my letter to you on facebook

Thank you for your time, I’ll expect some action to be taken on this shameful matter as soon as possible.

Nelda L. Percival
SSGT, USArmy retired
644 Warbonnet Road,
Roach, Missouri  65787

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