Thursday, June 13, 2013

Introducing Milena Malesevic, my hero!

There are times in our life's when a little shame brings us back into the fold.. I am sharing one of those time with you today.

On Face book, I have met and joined a group of people worldwide who are trying to help animal activist  in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

The reason I am ashamed is that I can't seem to be motivated to post to this blog daily... What does it take 5 minutes a half-hour??  And yet there is a Lady in Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina, who spends her days, day after day, year after year going all over Sarajevo and other areas of Bosnia-Herzegovina feeding the homeless, deserted, vile verman - THE STREET DOGS.

Take a minute, no it will take you longer then that just to stop crying; view and share this video introducing you to Milena Malesevic.

Who is a dedicated animal activist. The video was created to introduce you to her is as magnicifant as Milena is.
WATCH and share and maybe, just maybe donate even just a dollar to help her help the voiceless, the helpless, the deserted.

WE thank you and know you will be blessed for sharing this...nelda

You can also help support her by shopping at

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