Saturday, November 16, 2013

LIKE , SHARE, or really CARE

BOSNIA-HERZEGOVINA, a eastern Europe country is voting this week to change laws on the treatment of the street animals.

Friends have been protesting, trying to show the government that mass killings of the animals will not solve the problem of thousands of homeless starving animals.

ONLY SPAY AND NEUTER programs along with education, and better control of privately owned pets, by licensing and inspections, will solve these problems. Humane treatment in government shelters is a must.

But, I find we can post message after message asking people to help. A simple donation, even one dollar or its equal in what ever money denomination..but instead we get likes. What the heck will likes do for feeding animals or getting parliaments to enact laws that actually help?
Nothing.. Nothing I tell you. Sharing can help by getting the messages out to those who will reach into their pockets and pull out a penny or two..But do you really care? Care enough to take some kind of action?

I was asked to help provide pictures of people who are actually supporting action in Bosnia-Herzegovina. WE ask that you take a picture of yourself with a statement that you do know where their country is.  That you do support the animal activists. (Let me state here that in their language Activist is not just a person at a rally. It is also the rescuer, the person who  goes out and feeds them, the person who runs groups to gather money to pay for vets, shelters and food. ) So if you help in anyway to them you are an activists.

You see they are trying to say, that those of us signing petitions asking them not to change the laws, not to let mass killings happen in Bosnia-Herzegovina; are either not real people or we don't even know where the country is.. because we don't speak the language.

So I have been asking YOU to take a picture of yourself with a written statement on it about what you support. And that you really do know where the country is..

But, instead I'm getting all these likes.. I need pictures, I need statements. WE need shares. Am I rude by pointing this out... maybe, but I'm a 68 year old - old lady that cares what happens, if I need to be rude to get you to take action then that is ok with me.

I CARE do you? Please make a comment at the facebook page: and upload your picture...

And by the way.... every rescue group out there needs your support. I created a website to help you find a group you are willing to give a dollar a month is at: there are many ways to help that do not involve money. And you can help in your own country, find your local non-kill shelter and volunteer!

BECOME INVOLVED - Don't let Bosnia-Herzegovina become another Romania:

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