Friday, July 25, 2014

Andjeo Sarajevo


Andjeo Sarajevo is the name of an individual's group. She works tirelessly to help street animals in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. She gets some support from, and individuals .
I have been donating to the group for over a year while I watch her take in every hurt animal she finds or is called to please come rescue. She even works with other groups and individuals both physically and financially.
She along with others feed the street animals  that most people feel are vermin..  She always shares when she can!

With the floods that have devastated Bosnia n Herzegovina, all rescues are taxed to and beyond their limits.  Any help will be greatly appreciated and shared. The next 4 to 6 months could ruin these small private groups and individuals, from the demands they may not be able to meet. Please, can you find it in your heart to help or give this request to someone who can help.

We who donate on a regular bases, will continue, but I do not believe it will be enough.  I run 50/50 draws,  give items to private auctions (FaceBook) and actually beg via postings on Face Book for money for Food, Shelter, and Vet care.. anything to help the people with their feet on the ground..

On top of all this The car is dead. there is no fixing it. Sarajevo is a large city, to get to the different shelters, and to feed street animals and the dogs outside the city limits they have to rent a car.
Money that could go to help pay for food and shelters, must be used for the car and a person to drive it..

Right now there is a home for 5 grown puppies in Germany, We are about 400 euro short, then there are the dogs and cats in the shelters we will need close to 1000 euro by the 1st of August for shelter fees.
and the car, these are the greatest need at this time.

Please see your way clear to help in anyway you can.. even if it is only 1 euro if enough give the problems can resolve themselves..
donate paypal at: leave a note ...what it is for...
or use the ucaring page:

God Bless them!

Nelda L. Percival
Ret. US Army

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