Saturday, December 20, 2014

#desperate need of Funds.

Andjeo Sarajevo is in desperate need of Funds.  The pictures I have included are ones of her helping animals over the years just to show you how much she loves helping them..and may not be the one talked about in her message. 
They are ones I like because they show her love for all Gods living creatures!
PLEASE IF YOU HAVE EVEN A PENNY EXTRA GIVE IT TO HER!  She is honest and caring and works daily to save the hurt and rejected animals in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

This situation is desperate..Nelda Percival
URGENT APPEAL!!!! Dear friends,

Once again we need to ask you for help. You all know our Laika, who is supposed to travel to her forever home on Monday... 

Unfortunately, I haven`t had time to make a post about her debt, so that her vet bills for treatment and sterilization haven`t been covered. 

We need 160 for this. 
  Laika, Ginger and Lucky
all supposed to travel Monday

In addition to this we also need food.

 We don`t even have 1 gr left for our animals on the streets of our city... The winters here are harsh and we have to have at least food for them... My heart breaks when I see them curled up, cold and shivering... 
NOTE FROM ME: The Winters In Eastern Europe particularly the Balkan Mountains is SUB ZERRO low as  minus 40 degrees fahrenheit .. to survive they need high protien foods, they get what we can afford to feed them...

We also had to rent a car so that we could check on the animals in pensions, bring them food and take new pictures... 

We also need to pick up Ginger (one of Jela`s cats) from Tuzla because he is also supposed to travel on Monday and we have pick up Tanya Fennel`s cat from Zenica... 

Please help us this time also and hopefully we will get our car in a couple of days, latest in a week. We need 210e for a car now, for 6 days, and at least 15-20e for gas every day. 

For food we need whatever you can spare... One bag of food is 20e.. 

vet- 160.00 
rent car  for 6 days -  210.00
gas/petrol for 6 days 90.00 - 120.00
dog food/cat food - 20.00 per bag - 2 bags per day 6 days - 20.00 - 240.00 

total needed being near 630.00 euros  
She needs  as much as you possibly can give her.. 

Paypal is:  if you only have spare change you can give that too by entering 0.50 for 50 cents.. or 0. what ever...amount

her request for help can be like this tree empty
and barren

or you can fill this request and fill this tree....



Thank you from my heart

a car
Please make any donations via YouCaring or marked as 'CAR' to PayPal account:
donate at: Paypal is:  please MARK what it is for And please click confirm receipt.. Thank you in advance

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