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I'm pretty sure those of you reading this know what a 50/50 draw is right?
You buy a ticket and if you win you get 50% of what ever the game has made.
I am suggesting you join Yvonne PawsandClaws Aubeeluck monthly 50/50 draws.

read about the draw here.. changes every month!


When Wendy Rigby's beautiful blind dog SAMMIi died just before her "21st BIRTHDAY" she rescued Pippa, a Jack Russell who had been passed around four jokers and she was only only four months old!!!!

As she had the resources and time and the luxury of being able to take her furry baby to work she felt very lucky.
Then on Facebook she stumbled across a DOG RESCUE and an OLD BOY LOOKING FOR A HOME.
So fate had it that "BLACKIE" from Alina Stan" came to live with her.

Sadly BLACKIE died suddenly after only a few months. This was due mostly, the vet believed, to the bad treatment he received on the transport bringing him over!

By that time Wendy had learned more and more of the plight of the poor Romanian street dogs and the utter despair the rescuers them self face each day. This included the poor resources and the need for good transport.
That was it!!!!

She failed miserably as a fosterer for "Speranta". She adopted her beautiful girl Bobbie from them and decided to help these wonderful rescuers to help the poor animals in Romania.

She PERSONALLY FUNDED articulated wagons at around £3k a time. People purchase pallets of food for their chosen rescue or they donate money to assist in the purchase of the food!

She also gets her own wagons to COLLECT donations of AID from Lands End to John o Groats. Once collected she then collates and palletise in her engineering factory in Rochdale.

She buys the pallets and then packs them, some 10ft high. Then they are shrink wrapped , labelled and loaded on to the wagon. (Truck)

This aid and food is a LIFELINE FOR THE RESCUERS and in turn the animals.

She also personally purchases pallets of food for rescuers who don't have many followers that donate but who are just as deserving.

She also funds dogs transport from Romania to UK for FOSTER& ADOPTION thereby ensuring they travel with a reputable transport (unlike that with poor Blackie).

Wendy quotes "I have been lucky enough to have met Alina Stan personally and her dedication to these animals is second to none-this woman is beautiful inside and out-and have become firm friends with other like minded people who are all trying to help these rescuers in their life saving operations. I rarely ask for donations but have personally funded so many wagons lately I am worried it may take me a while to catch up so any help at all I can get would be much appreciated ...our next full wagon leaves on 30th January and will hopefully be arriving in Bucharest 7 days later !!!".

For these reasons I TRULY BELIEVE, Wendy's own personal generosity and dedicated makes her more than a deserving choice for receiving
FEBRUARY 2015's 50/50 fundraising event.


 the tickets are only one pound.. and Yvonne's draws usually end up at least 50 pounds I've seen them up to 300 something pounds.. so buy a ticket  and possibly win!

when you buy a ticket ... please note it is for feb 50/50  draw and join the event! so you can see your ticket numbers!


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