Monday, April 13, 2015


Dalida Kozlic if you don't know her, is a lawyer in Bosnia and Herzegovnina and a Animal activist and a rescurer.. this is her face book page:

Reciently she wrote that she needed help paying at least 1300 euros a month for the 81 dogs and 8 cats that she has rescued...I created a LUCKY NUMBER Donation card to help her raise money to pay the fees on the shelters these animals are in..
donate 5 euro for a lucky number and possibly win 210 euro while helping keep these babies safe and fed!

donate at paypal account
winner will be generated at when all numbers are gone!


* I have just counted how many dogs are under my protection with recently saved dogs. I have 81 dogs and 8 cats. ( I am making new albums at the moment).
* 44 dogs are placed in pensions and fosters and 37 dogs are placed on my property as well as 8 cats.
* Most of them need forever homes.
* My dad's trial was held on 25h March. Acussations against him were dismissed by the court.
* My trial will be continued.The judge wants to question police officers and see the video and because of that the trial is postponned in order to force police station of Ilijas to send all evidences that show that I am right and innocent.
* Since I am very busy with legal activities and searching for a job, please help me to keep animals safe.

Nelda L. Percival

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