Tuesday, June 16, 2015

JUNE-Do-I Live-or-die

PLEASE FOR THEIR LIVES....DONATE...1.00 EURO is just as important as 100.00 EURO...
It all adds up


The shelter Youcaring page is at 707.00 That is great... But 3157.00 us needed - 707.00 leaves us 2,450.00 short..

Before and now after the Pope's visit and now the German Chancellor on July 9, and the attack by male Dog Catchers on female animal activists - the street animals are being destroyed - In one place known to have about  50 dogs only three remained...they were rescued!

But this leaves the rescuers trying to save more then we can support.

We desperatly need your help.

DONATE AT PAYPAL.com:   critterfitters@gmail.com

any amount every thing helps!


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