Saturday, December 3, 2011

Heroes needed apply within

Harmony fund

Let me say something here, I have broken "Copyright Laws" by copying the entire Rescuers code from Harmony Fund.It is not my intention to gain any funding from this code. But, to me a code of conduct for rescuers is just as important as the Physician's code of do no harm...

Action is needed, funds are needed, Heroes are needed apply with in...

The Rescuers Code

The following guidelines of The Great Animal Rescue Chase are intended to safeguard the wellbeing of all animals targeted in this race and the welfare of the rescuers themselves. 

Please follow this code of honor in all of your rescue endeavors.

Handle with Care. Rescuers will at all times safeguard the physical and psychological welfare of the animal in crisis. That indicates gentle and non-invasive measures wherever possible.

Take Safety Precautions. The inherent dangers in animal rescue are as varied as the animals themselves. Always, always be on guard for such hazards as oncoming traffic, potential bites, the unpredictable nature of wildlife and people who may mean you harm. Trust your instincts.

Let Them Be Wild. Wild animals are not pets. An emergency situation does not give us license to permanently harbor wildlife in captivity. Wild animals belong in their natural habitat as soon as they are healthy enough to return, and rescuers should attempt to consult an expert, if circumstances allow, before handling wildlife.

Thou Shall Not Hoard. This is a big one. If you live in a two bedroom apartment filled with 17 cats, do not bring another one home. We can sometimes let our love for animals cloud our good sense. You must be reasonable about your capacity to deliver proper care for the animals in your custody.

Respect the Difference Between Surviving and Living. Do not prolong the suffering of a critically injured or ill animal. Sometimes we cling so tightly to our own need to save an animal from death, that we create further pain. Please choose a compassionate course of action that focuses exclusively on what is best for the animal.

Abide by the Law. Work to change the law if you don't like it, go to court if you have to. But please, please don't break the law.

Heroes needed apply with in.....

Helping defend animals wordwide.

Make a change

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