Thursday, December 29, 2011

new-born kittens in danger of being trapped in the flames

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They have wonderful stories of people helping animals

The wooded area known as ‘Los Menas’ in Zarzal in the Cauca Valley lies adjacent to extensive sugar cane cultivations,” explains VĂ­ctor Manuel Herrera Castillo of the Fundacion San Francisco de Asis Zarzal.  “For some time now it has been home to a colony of feral cats, numbering at present about twenty.  Our foundation is involved in the protection of the environment here, and in addition to sheltering sixty dogs, we also conduct an ongoing feline sterilization program with a view to limiting their uncontrolled reproduction which could eventually create public health problems in the nearby urban areas.  We are also feeding the cats so that they will not hunt the wild creatures such as squirrels, troupials, blue jays, ring doves, great thrushes etc.”
On the day before the burning of the cane we were contacted by the sugar engineering expert Mr. R.P. and told that there was a family of new-born kittens who were in danger of being trapped in the flames,” Victor continued.

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