Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year - 2013

Happy New Year

What have you done for the deserted, homeless, helpless and hungry animals this past year? What will you do to help them next year?

"Helpless Animals" is not a individual country's problem but a world wide, planetary problem. What laws protect sentient  beings. But what is a sentient being... Well, break the words down, "SENTIENT" means, conscious, alert, attentive, awake, responsive.  A "BEING" means, life form, organism, creature, living being, human being, person, individual, mortal.

What separates a human from any other animal?  The ability to communicate. What is communication?  the dictionary states: to converse, talk, speak, exchange a few words, commune, be in touch, correspond, write, be in contact.

Other animals communicate. How you ask? They exchange sounds, they use body language, tail wags, hair stands on end, they raise their backs to give a bigger impression of themselves, they sniff each other, they clean and manicure each other. They leave their scent so others of thier kind can find them or stay away.

They form family groups. Protect their territory. 

Some people say this is instinct, but most  animals can be taught, so there is some intelligence to learn. Do we think less of their means of communication because we don't understand it?  Is this the problem of the animal, or humans? 

We consider ourselves humane, but what humane individuals sets a dog on fire for the fun of it, or shoots a cat or cooks a live kitten in a microwave, throws a dog into traffic, a man beats his wife's dog to death with his bare hands because of a fight they had and all because we can.
 Internationally, or each country has laws protecting each human from the mischief and malice of other individuals, but what laws protect the other sentient beings on earth?

Human compassion should protect them but it doesn't. Make Laws to protect all sentient beings.

Now the question is what will you do this year to help the other sentient beings of this planet? Donate food, blankets, bedding? 

Pick a group that is interested in helping others and do what you can. Not everything involves money.

I have picked two additional groups to help this year.

1. Lets adopt global -  it is in Spain and Viktor helps UN-helpable animals survive and get well. He does this on individual gifts. Some say each one of the animals he helps are so bad off thery should be put down, Viktor believes that as long as an animal fights for life they should be helped to live. We don't put down humans, we shouldn't put down an animal if at all possible.

2IN MEMORY OF VUČKO     raising awareness and funds to stop animal suffering in Sarajevo and Bosnia-Herzegovina.
I don't have a lot of money but I'm sewing dog blankets and sleeping pads and coats. These items are being sent to Bosnia-Herzegovina twice a month.  They desperately need money to buy food and veterinarian services and shelter.

Please consider adopting a group even a dollar a month can help provide food for the starving or shelter for the cold and homeless.

And if you would take the time and this only takes time.. go to the animal rescue site -
Click on the button that gives food for free.. It only takes time.

May your new year be filled with helping others as you would want to be helped

Thank you


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