Thursday, December 13, 2012


My Dog CoCo
I want to talk about how many incidents of animal abuse we have been seeing in the last few years. Is it that we as the human race have always been this evil, or is it that a new horrible attitude of I can do what I want, without being punished has developed in recent years?

What causes a person to torture a defenseless animal? Some say sexual gratification or dominance and anger. I read somewhere years ago that there was one  Psychopath in every seven people. One in seven that is a lot of problems.

Have we caused this by being to leasy on our children?  Was the right attitude for the care and giving we need in humanity presented and developed in our children? 

What causes children to burn a dog alive or cook a live kitten in a microwave, or take a gun to school and kill class mates or people watching a movie, or a husband to beat the family dog because he is mad at the wife, or a mother to drive her three children, seat belted in the back seat into a lake and drown them?

Not everyone in the world is like this but, do we become involved when we see abuse happening? Do you look the other way?  Years ago a young woman was raped and killed while people in the apartments around her either watched or ignored her crys for help, no one even called the police. Can we continue this way? 

No we have to become involved, we must help. When you see someone committing a crime report it. I'm not saying jump into it with the person beating their dog, but I would; I am saying stand right there and call the police tell them,  get pictures from your smart phones. Maybe if you talk to the person they will stop what they are doing...but don't get hurt.. do become a hero, help and protect!

I started this post  because of Tidus (in Spain - burned alive and fighting to live, you can donate at Lets adopt Global) and that poor kitten who was cooked in a microwave, and Now Lacey who was hit by a golf club and had bleach thrown in her eyes and left tied to a tree, to die.

You can read about Lacey at:

Think about giving a donation to a shelter near you or an animal who is fighting for their lives because of us humans.

Happy Holidays to all - Nelda

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  1. Hi there is a petition out for lacey at: Causes

    PETITION: Justice for Lacey
    December 13 · Started by Jayne Cvetanoski ·
    To: District Attorney

    We the undersigned demand Justice for Lacey, whose owner - ROBERT GONZALES - severely abused her by: hitting her in the mouth with a golf club, sprayed her eyes with bleach and then left her to suffer without any treatment for days.
    ROBERT GONZALES needs to face court and be charged with animal... See the petition