Wednesday, March 13, 2013

I wanted to help the AWABosnia group by making something to sell in their store, but after checking weighted and flat rate costs to Canada and England from USA. The cost would be more then the item was worth.. 
 So I took my drawings, graphic arts and pictures I had permission to use and created a store front at 
 This store will give 20% of the sale to the group if you buy from the store. You will be surprised at the different items for sale there. 
This is the link: 
The profits go directly to the group's paypal account. Anyone who takes pictures, or draws, paints animal themes,  I'd welcome digital pictures to use.  
If you want a specific item with your picture, I can do special orders
Here's hoping it will help increase the monies needed by their group for the animals.
Friendly regards -- Nelda  If you like Specialty items, Go look at the store.
 Any Moneys will help buy tickets for 20 dogs who are in Bosnia but being adopted in England. Buy or just donate.

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