Tuesday, September 24, 2013


This is a critical petiton to sign given what is happening in Romania right now. Bosnia may well decide to do the same thing.

Animal abuse is rife in Bosnia Herzegovina and the problem of companion animal, particularly dog overpopulation has become a problem of epidemic proportions; there are no humane animal control programs in place and the corruption occurring at management level in many public dog 'shelters' means that shelters are part of the problem, with dogs left to starve or being "euthanised" by injections of bleach or clubbing. The general populace of this country views stray dogs and cats as nothing more than a vermin to be exterminated – or worse.
It is critical that the government of Bosnia Herzegovina immediately implement a mandatory spay neuter program for strays (catch-neuter-return) and also for owned pets; mandatory microchipping; prosecution of animal abusers and corruption in shelter management and education of the populace in the importance of humane treatment of all animals. The link between animal abuse and crimes against people has been documented for decades and needs to be understood by the government and people of Bosnia Herzegovina.



I would hope, pray, beg that the action on going in Romania would never have happened but facts are facts. Horrible death, tortuous death, being beaten, stabbed, hung.... Every means of death the people on the streets can do.

We can not allow this to continue and spread to the other countries. WE must stop the spread of this craziness, MURDER is not the way to animal control.

Education of animal owners, neuter and spaying adoption and sponsorship are the means of control.

Please if you have ever had a pet, if you have ever had a friend with a pet, use the link above go sign the petition. Have your family sign, your friends sign, your neighbors sign.. It is only with hundreds of thousands of people protesting will there be a change, only with the European Union taking action....Will the MURDER STOP.

"Recognizing that man has a moral obligation to respect all living creatures and​​​​​​​​​​​​ bearing in mind that pet animals have a special relationship with man"​​​​​​​​​​​​​

- European Convention for the Protection of Pet Animals,  Strasbourg,  13.XI.1987

To see the entire story see:  http://inmemoryofvucko.org/
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