Monday, October 7, 2013



We ask you  in the name of our  little brothers, the cats, who can not speak!

They are, like people, God's creations  with a heart and soul!

Like the people, they are can be sad and feel PAIN!

Like people, they are can be happy and  they can LOVE!

And like the people THEY HAVE THE RIGHT TO LIVE!

Protect them,  their needs are not only our legitimate duty but at the same time  our human duty.

Under the European Union:
According to the law 5199 of The Protection of Animals, Recognizing the right to life of these animals, the protection of their security and livelihood, was introduced into the  LEGAL OBLIGATION for all municipalities.

But instead the poor animals are dying of hunger, thirst, cold, and from human persecution and indifference!
The municipality says let them live in the nature, in the wild. But…

What kind of nature are we talking about ?
About that nature to which the builders laid hands because of their greed to earn more , about the concrete that surrounds us, or about garbage dumps ? Yes, because the animals are trying to survive in the dumps and  trying to find  food for life there. The wild places that once belonged to them , were taken away, and they are forced to live beside humans. But humans don't help them, on the contrary, there are those of us, who banishes , humiliates and torments them. 

The reason for this situation is the lack of sensitivity, also indifference, by the people and existing laws. The government and the municipalities should be an example and support for environmentalists. Taking care of stray animals should be a reminder of the importance of support and friendship during the growth of global selfishness and indifference.You say, there are too many homeless animals, we can not solve this problem…But it is the fault of government and municipal management.  If the problem of the growth of the number of homeless animals would be treated seriously and not  indifferently, if the work on the sterilization of animals was carried out continuously, there would not be so many homeless animals around us.

Islam teaches Muslims that  they must treat cats well, providing the cat with enough water and food and giving "roaming time" (a degree of freedom of movement).

Islam teaches Muslims to treat cats well and that the cat is a creature to be cherished and loved.

Mistreating a cat is regarded as a severe sin in Islam and can lead to punishment as the story of the women who mistreated a cat and she went to hell for punishment.

Are Christians or even non-believers any less responsible for the care of stray animals? For the care of all creatures?

For all these reasons before winter  in all the districts of Istanbul ( and not only in Istanbul but the whole of Turkey), in the green spaces and parks , should be made shelters for the cats.

All homeless animals be vaccinated, sterilized, and receive care in the recovery period..

My friend!Your signature it is a small but important contribution to the victory of good. Animals need our help.

The balance of nature under threat:
the disappearance of wildlife leads to the disappearance of humanity.


Rains begin with one drop and after time they become a flood and you can't count them and no one can stop them.... the same can be said about doing good - one good action leads to more, lets keep the rain falling!

Written by Ayse Akgun
English adjustments made by Nelda

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  1. I don't know how many people signed it and helped you in your cause. But seriously you wrote amazing words. God bless!