Tuesday, September 16, 2014

FACE BOOK ALWAYS ASKS YOU....What is on your mind... LOL

Well mine is scared and desperately on raising money to help pay pension fees for Andjeo Sarajevo BiH a privately owned and operated animal rescue group in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Edina Pasic runs this rescue. She works tirelessly to help street animals in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. I have been donating to the group for over a year while I watch her take in every hurt animal she finds or is called to please come rescue. She even works with other groups and individuals both physically and financially.
She along with others feed the street animals that most people in Bosnia and Herzegovina feel are vermin..
At present we still are short 603 Euros.  for 25 animals

How to make money to cover that bill? Sale something? How about a book that you can down load and print at your home.. NO SHIPPING FEES AND YOU GET IT THAT DAY.. but what would be interesting and helpful to an animal lover like you?

I put together a Your Pets How to Recipes book. This book costs only 1 euro and has some interesting items and actual recipes of mine.

Book - 1 Euro paid to pay paypal account critterfitters@gmail.com in the messages give me an email address that I can send the files to, so you can print and or save.

The book is set up for printing with a high resolution.  It has nice graphics and easily readable pages. The recipes have been used and are good.



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