Friday, September 19, 2014

#Harry helped a 5 yr old, will you help a 89 yr old?

Meet Jela, an 89 year old Bosnian lady who lives on a minimum pension and still takes care of 12 cats and those cats have few teeth left if any.. She tries to keep them safe from the streets.

She herself has absolutely no comforts in her apartment that she shares with the cats, but she still does her best to take care of them.  They mean everything to her. She had no way to heat her home so a raditor heator was given to her. She has no refrigerator or stove. She has nothing. And she still cares for these cats.
It does not seem that she has any living family.  Bosnian animal rescuer Edina Pašić (Andjeo Sarajevo) and Aldin Pasic try their best to help her to take care of the cats, but they need  financial support to do this.
 Jela unfortunately can't really leave the house anymore and buy stuff for the cats, whilst I was away she asked a neighbor to go and get things for her and for the cats. she uses about 150 euro for dry and canned cat food per month. (mostly canned for the toothless ones.)
Please help, as a 69 year old disabled person myself, I know what it must be like to think your alone and no one cares. These cats are her life blood to knowing love and compassion.. With out which she would likely curl up and just die.

In old age we still need to know we are needed, these cats need her 
and WE NEED YOU  - to give just a little each and every month..
Last Spring Jela ran out of money.. SHE had LITTLE FOOD for herself and none left for the cats… So she went with out eating for about 7 days feeding what she had to the cats.. When Edina Pasic visited her, she was very sick it took a visit to the Emergency room for care to save her.  We almost lost Jela those next few days.
We never want to see this happen ever again
 So we again ask for your help.  
Please Give it will not take much… 15 people giving 10 euro each… just once a month..  150 euro for cat food.. but if someone really wanted to help.. give a little more and we can add in some human food for Jela..

a kind generious OLD LADY.. who needs us..
She needs to know even though she is alone someone STILL cares for her!..
 Thank you..
Nelda Percival

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