Sunday, November 2, 2014


The last moments of LissyLee who could have been a  Sarajevo Street Dog.
A story by  nelda l. percival

It is dark and cold, the last time I ate was three days ago when that big dog dropped that bread and I gobbled it down while he chased me. He bit me while I squirmed under that cement wall. It still hurts. I wish momma was here, I could cuddle up to her warm body and she would clean that hole in my hip. Wallowing in the dirt stopped the bleeding, but maybe there were bad things there..

Momma where are you, I whimper. she left to get food. Momma you wouldn’t leave me alone would you? I whimper more but they may find me...I’m scared; those people with the poles chased me again today. I heard the big dog screaming, I think they got him. I haven’t smelled him since they left. 
Momma said there were nice people who will give us food, but how do you tell which are nice and who will hit and kick me. Johnny my brother was hit by a car I saw his head splatter as that monister ran over him…
Momma where are you… I’m so tired and hungry and cold.. Please, come home, I want you so badly. I’m so tired.... my eyes close and I sleep.

Oh there’s Momma I feel her body beside me, she is so warm and she is kissing me. I open my eyes; I love my Momma! Johnny's here too and he isn't hurt..

Momma where were you? It’s ok honey we will go to the bridge together and you will never hurt or be hungry and cold again… I love you baby come on, we need to go now. 

Momma can we play there.. Yes Honey we can play and no one will ever hurt you or Johnny again.. LissyLee closes her eyes and their specters fade into the rainbow...
Will you help pay the shelter fees so Andjeo Sarajevo can save more babies… Their life's depend on our donations.
Please help! Donate at Paypal: tell her what it is for - food ? shelter? Rent car? New kitty? Use where needed most??
Save a life and give

oh please someone help Andjeo Sarajevo BiH the rescue group save these animals..they need donations .. they need help..
I dream that some really kind person, someone with money just says to hell with this and buys the needed car, and a farm and builds kennels and cat shelters in buildings and Edina can just keep rescuing everyone of these babies...
Reality is that without the pennies you send the Euros you send the pounds you send every animal she has would be back out on the street and Edina's wonderful heart would just dry up from all her tears she would shed..
Reality is WITHOUT YOU there is no way to rescue, no way to save these Angels of God...
please any amount helps but thinking - oh some one will help they don't need my change.. hurts us ... and we do really do! NEED YOU !!
you can donate via Paypal:

Nelda L. Percival

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