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Virtual Adoption

Virtual Adoption

Nov 18, 2014
This programme is made to help and manage Virtual Adoptions for some of the dogs AWAB assists.

When you become Virtual Adoptor for a rescue from Bosnia Herzegovina, you will not only help keep the animal safe and off the streets, but will create a special bond. We understand that not everyone can adopt; which is why becoming a Virtual Adopter for one of the rescues whose pictures and story touched you is a wonderful alternative to adoption.The bond formed through this virtual adoption program will keep you connected to the progress of your chosen rescue, and hopefully, you will see them find their wonderful forever home. The ultimate goal is to keep them safe.

If you want to become a VA:1.  Look at the list of animals below, choose which one(s) you'd like to support2. Contact Encarni Erzsébet to let her know you are joining the VA programe and what animals you are supporting: NOTE: IT'S VERY IMPORTANT TO CONTACT ENCARNI DIRECTLY IF YOU CHOOSE TO BE A VIRTUAL ADOPTER, NOT as a comment on this note or on a thread on the animal's photograph.3. VA payments go to our Paypal account:
***IT IS VERY IMPORTANT  to mark your donation as : VA+dog(or cat) name(S).***

Most dogs need 120* euros per month to stay safe off the streets, so we hope to set 6 VAs per dog at 20 EU each. We understand that not everyone can manage 20 EU per month, so you can also choose your own amount that you can donate per month and we will continue to look for VA's for that dog until the "goal"is reached. So, for example : Person1 : 20€/month Person2: 10€/month Person3: 7€month TOTAL : 37€/120€ 
Cats are 65 EU per month.*There are some special cases where they need a bit more than others, (i.e demodex treatment, pet hotel)

4. Let Encarni know approximately what date of the month you will make your payment this will help her keep track of things.

5. Normally Encarni will send out a reminder either by email or pm, so please let her know if you would like this too, and on what date of the month you'd like her  to send it.

  • Mittens - male - young - pension - Rescuer Edina Pasic / Andjeo Sarajevo Total (0/65€)

  • Soma - Female - Angel's Rest foster care in Tuzla - Rescuer : Miska Oksanen Total : (30€ / 60€)
-Help for furries - 30€ 

  • Muzzle - Fully Sponsored!  Female - young - Rescuer : Andjeo Sarajevo - Pension Betty Total : 120€ / 120€
-Alja Kurtagic 35€ 
-Nelda L. Percifal 20€ 
-Bettina Magagnin 60€ 
-Mario Zoncada 5€ 

  • Jimmy - Male - Foster care ( SUZANA DEMARICA ) - Rescuer : Andjeo Sarajevo Total: (45/45€)
-Heather Thomas 35€ 
-Bente Larsen 10€

  • Lord - ( cat ) Male - Foster care (SUZANA DEMARICA) - Rescuer : Andjeo Sarajevo Total : (0/40€)

  • Steffi, Lilah and Houdini (cats ) Foster care - Rescued during the floods/Tuzla TOTAL: (0/50€)

  • Sásta - FULLY COVERED! MALE - Pension Betty - Rescuer : Andjeo Sarajevo/ Miska Oksanen TOTAL: ( 90/90€ )
-Elin Jenna Monsen 15€
-Isabelle Midy 30€ 
-Bente Larsen 30€
-Henna Nuutinen 15€ 

  • Simson:  FULLY COVERED!!  FEMALE - Young ( around 8months old) - Rescuer: Andjeo Sarajevo - Pension Betty TOTAL (120/120€)
-Bente Larsen 50€
-Brian Lux 15€
-Adela Downey 20€
-Ajla Kurtagic 35€

  • Bunny-boy -FULLY COVERED!-Male - Old, around 9 years old - Rescuer : Andjeo Sarajevo - Nenad's pension - TOTAL (120/120€)
Henna Nuutinen 20€
- Brian Lux 20€
-Minna Takala 20€
-Betina Magagni 10€
-Lisa Sears 20€
-Bente Larsen 30€

  • Chance : FULLY SPONSORED!  male - young- Rescue : Aliza Curtovic -  paid foster -  Total (110/110€)

-Bente Larsen 30€
-Isabelle Midy 30€
-Brian Lux 20€
-Adela Downey 20€
-Mario Zoncada 10€

  • Bob :FULLY COVERED! MALE - around 2 yeard old -Rescue : Andjeo Sarajevo- Pension Semizovac -TOTAL (90€/90€)
-Caroline 30€
-Helen Indeglew 60€

  • Fidel:  FULLY COVERED! MALE - age unknown - Rescuer : Andjeo Sarajevo - Pension Betty TOTAL : (120/120€) -
- Viktoria Starodubtseva 10€
-Armin Hadzic 20€
-Isabelle Midy 30€
-Mimmu Tuomi 20€
-Henna Nuutinen 10€
-Bettina Magagnini 15€ 
-Heather Thomas 15€

  • Ginger :Cat- Male - 1 year and a half old - Angel's Rest - Rescuer: Andjeo Sarajevo.   TOTAL: (45/60)
-Jackie Howlett 15€
-Elin Jenna 5€
-Help for furries 15€
-Henna Nuutinen 10€

  •  Niobe : FEMALE - around 4 years old - Rescuer : Alica Curtovic- Pension King 120€ plus Demodex treatment 30€  TOTAL: (91/150€)

-Tina Dorn-Weaver 10€ 
-Mario Zoncada 4€
-Brian Lux 20€
-Dean Valentine 10€
-Isabelle Midy 20€
-Help for furries 20€ 
- Anna Lange 7€ 

  • Cleo & Chione :Cat - FEMALES- 10months- Pension Betty- Rescuer : Andjeo Sarajevo- 65€* per cat. 
CLEO's V.A (45/65€)
-Rose Barnfield 15€
-Viktoria 10€
-Jenni Juurinen5€
-Help for furries 15€

CHIONE's V,A (40€/65€)
-Jenni Juurinen 10€
-Rose Barnfield 15€
-Help for furries 15€

  • Lucky - FULLY COVERED! MALE - Nenad's Pension - Rescuer : Andjeo Sarajevo - TOTAL : (120€/120€)
-Isabelle Midy-Mel Summerson
-Claire Missen
-Jackie Howlett
-Kelly Saunders-Cross
-Help for furries 

  • King : FULLY COVERED! MALE - 9-10 years old - in King pension.  TOTAL (120€/120€)
-Amra Ovcina Avdibegovic 20€
-Mel Summerson : 20€
-Isabelle Midy 20€ 
-Adela Downey 20€
-Mette Lunde 20€- Sheri Lin 20€ 

Just some of the animals offered


We have plenty of cats needing our help and endless support, but sadly they don't get any attention.
Let's change this??!
Some cats from ours needing help:
-Lord : 0/40€
-Steffi & kittens 0/50€
-Ginger 45/60€
-Mittens 0/65€
Rescuers are struggling to cover the pension debts...
Cats are always the forgotten one, let's change it! Let's show our support for the kitty cats!
Here you have our Virtual Adoption list : from there you can find more info about our cats!
If you are willing to support one of our cats, please contact Encarni Erzsébet


PLease help these animals stay safe 

or you can just donate and say for all of Andjeo Sarajevo's animals and bills for those animals!!


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