Wednesday, April 6, 2016

#Begging and paying bills

What dose it feel like to beg...

Depressing mainly... You ask why?? Because it seems like I'm being ignored.

If every person who says they care did just one thing a month to help their favorite animal rescue. All problems would be answered..

How do you pay your bills? Personally, I get a monthly sum from two different sources My Social Security and my military disability pension. These amounts are deposited to my bank on two different days.
So I have made two budgets that I pay the day each is deposited.

In one is like my lights water tv and other things in this I add an amount for the rescues I help. It is a set amount each month. Then in the second one I do the same thing.. if I was working and was paid once a week all the bills would be divided in fourths and I'd have four budgets.. This way I insure all the bills are fully paid on time.

I consider my donation to the rescues as a bill owed monthly and I budget it in.

Maybe if you did it this way too, you could have a donation to help your rescue.

I sure would feel a lot better if the amounts on the yc pages grew faster and the rescuer would feel a lot better too... please pick a rescue and help



To me there isn't much questions to budgeting
You use three columns  first name if item next the amount paid next the amount left after paying

Hope this helps you... It does me.

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