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Dalida Kozlic Well to talk about her is difficult because there is SO MUCH TO SAY!
Most of the time you meet a person and you strike up a friendship and you really know nothing about their dreams and what makes them tick!

But this event page tells you a lot:

I copy pasted some from her event cause I know some of you will read here but not go look at her page.

Dalida is a lawyer from Sarajevo who has been involved in protection of animals for more than 15 years and she is one of the rescuers and activists with most experience in Bosnia. Also, she was one of the lobbyists who were involved in legislating of Animal Protection and Welfare Act in Bosnia, in 2009.

Dalida investigates cases of animal abuse, as well as cases of obstructions to implement Animal Protection and Welfare Act. Her activities are focused on enforcement of the Animal Protection and Welfare Act, presenting practical legal solutions in animal welfare area, collecting of evidences, filing criminal reports, and constant lobbying that Bosnian authorities implement the Animal Protection and Welfare Act. Dalida also acts as a liason with international animal welfare advocates. She follows all activities of police, the prosecutor's office, and veterinary inspectors, in order to prosecute and punish people who torture and kill animals. She also participates in media debates about animal welfare.

The biggest focus of her activities is to stop illegal dog catching service in Sarajevo at the moment. All details about atrocities that happen to stray animals in Bosnia can be read on

For the sake of all the animals in Bosnia, we cannot let Dalida's spirit be broken. She needs our help now, as she recovers from her latest court battle to save her dogs from unjust and tortuous deaths. Dogs are not killed humanely in Bosnia, especially when those who would be doing the killing are trying to extract revenge. Dalida needs our help to raise the money she needs to pay expenses through the end of April. She cannot keep her animals safe and fed without our assistance.

Dalida's picture:


Her YouCaring page:
This You Caring is to cover all expenses for food for 90 dogs and 8 cats that have been rescued from the streets by Dalida Kozlic. They need this to keep them safe, fed, healthy, off the streets, and away from the illegal dog catchers. Number of saved animals is constantly changing due to finding homes for dogs, but as well as to new cases of injured, sick or abused dogs!! Dalida is working very hard to get 50 of her dogs placed in adoptive homes outside Bosnia, and this debt is decreasing as time goes on, but until the dogs can be re-homed, it is necessary for now, to keep all her rescues safe. 


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