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Help For Furries is a small project dedicated to help unwanted and abandoned stray animals around Europe.

We believe in helping over the borders, animals do not know borders in rescue, neither do we.
We do not care if it is across the street, across the country or across the world.
We help any we can no matter where they are.

For years we have been collecting donations and donated money, food, medication and supplements for varies organisations and private people who help homeless and less fortunate cats and dogs all around the world.

Our main focus is smaller organisations and private people who do not have big masses behind them to raise funds and awareness about the treatment and living conditions of cats and dogs. 

her site was created to organise collective supply and fundraising.
  Donations via Paypal:

Dec is a hard month to get anyone to donate  Will you help by giving  just a little.. 2 euros?
Donations via Paypal:

If you have anything that you would like to know about what we do and how we do it feel free to send us an email:
Miska Works So HARD HELPING RESCUES that NORMALLY do not stand a chance of getting help, because they are so snall.. BUT SHE NEEDS YOU TO HELP HER HELP THEM...
Nelda L. Percival

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  1. Miska Oksanen added 15 new photos — feeling thankful.
    5 hrs ·

    As I write this the last transport of this year is going on with our Lana dane in it, she's finally going towards better life.
    I am sorry for the lack of updates during the past few days, it's simply been because of the hurry and dealing with transport after transport and even two to 3 to do or deal at the same time.

    Halfway of November I promised a Christmas miracle for over 30 animals, many of them our rescuers but some who had been saved by my friends.
    I promised them that I will get them to their homes and fosters by Christmas to real families.

    I'd like to say it was all gingerbreads and Christmas joy but in reality we've literally slept standing in check in lines and bussess on the way from one airport to another, while trying to keep the tabs with the land transports happening at the same time. And I dread to think of the phone bill once it arrives.

    But none of this would have happened without our supporters, people who donated toward the transport fees, rescuer friends who've done their best to prepare them and take care of the ground work and drive them to meet the transports sometimes hundreds of kilometres away.

    Transport companies and friends there who've done some pretty amazing things to help our animals to get to their homes.
    The amazing rescue groups, adopters and fosters who've been receiving them. Some jumping into action right away to ensure their recovery.

    Friends who've helped by taking care of my four legged family whole I am sleeping in the check in lines on the airports and friends who wake up to take you to airport with piles of plastic boxes in the middle of the night.

    I was not sure at all of being actually able to organise all this to happen cause in mid November it felt a bit of a mission impossible. But here we are the last one to leave this year is on her happy buss towards better life. <3

    Here are some of the lucky ones, Romeo and Juliet, blind and deaf old Azur, Alma, Wilbur, Reid, Aiko, Bonita, Attila, Doyle, Roni, Sulo, Voitto, Nita, Canna, Curina, Odyssey.

    This year they spend their Christmas safe warm and loved, for the first time in their lives.
    Not to forget Bernard and Bianca. <3