Friday, November 11, 2011

CoCo and my ten Cats

There is nothing more fun then to talk and brag about your pets. All mine were drop offs, you see I live up a private dirt road, back in the country and people just leave these babies on the side of the road. Me being me I can't ignore them. So its off to the Vets, and then get them over the trauma of being abandoned. I have three black and white cats four tri-colored and three totally black cats. Some of these were my fault because I didn't get the momma to the vet in time before she went into heat. I haven't really named any of them. To many to keep straight..most if sitting on a shelf or high stand will tap me on the head as I walk by sort like bop you on the head... stop and pet me. I call them love and baby and Momma and Grandma

Know I know some are thinking how can she stand the smell of litter boxs for that many cats, I couldn't, hate cat order... I built a Cat run it is 8 ft wide by 24 ft long. One wall is 10 ft the other 7 ft it is roofed and the walls are metal mesh/cloth.... you see where I life there is the dreaded Bob cat Tick sickness which kills a domesticated cat with in 21 days of being bitten - so the cat run.. LOL the neighbors call it the cat house...

Now my dog CoCo, she was about 8-10 weeks old when I got her, she is almost four, part pit. I never chain her up, she has a fully fenced yard 5ft high, she sleeps on my bed... she is an inside dog weighing in at about 50 - 60 pounds. Of course you can tell by her name, her coloring except she has a strap almost like a saddle on her back.

She has eaten cat food since I got her. I feed all of them on demand. She never over eats in fact she sometimes steps back to let the cats eat when they hear fresh food being set out.. Oh guess I forgot, the cats access the cat run via a kitchen window. All litter boxes are out side in the run.

What kind of pet do you have?


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