Sunday, November 27, 2011


This may be hard to understand but I live in the Ozark mountains up a dirt road I have no well so I pack in water, where I get my water at I have a friend who has an outside dog, time before last middle of October I was getting water when I noticed the dog was standing out in the rain. I went over to the 50 gallon barrel they had been using as a house for the dog and it had standing water in it. I poured out the water but the dog wouldn't go in it. I finished getting my 2 week supply of water and went home but I was so depressed that I was crying that poor puppy (3 yr old dog - not a puppy) was wet and cold. That after noon I built him a dog house, in parts because it was way to big for my sister and I to pick up. the next day mid morning when I knew or hopped no one was there, we took the dog house down there and put it together.
The dog now barks at me every time I go get water and I have to go pet him.. He just loves his house and is out of the weather.  I tell you this not to brag but to show you that the smallest act of kindness helps those who can't help  themselves. And they know who you are!

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