Tuesday, August 12, 2014

UP DATE - #DoYouCare?


JELENA is staying in her apartment but she needs funding. She has no job, no income - ..No un-enployment. 

A few of us  have pledged to help her animals, with monthly donations, but if she stays in the apartment and finds a job even as a waitress and we continue to help. It is less expensive then keeping her cats in a pension. 

WE few will need your help too...She has no electrical, no heat, the apartment needs repairs. We need to raise money "NOW" for repairs to the apartment.. one item windows framing is loose and needs repair... so it can stay warm during the sub temperature winters.. AND THATS COMMING SOON!

Will you care by donating even as small an amount as a single dollar?? a single pound or a Euro?

KNOW A MAGAZINE, a BLOG, anyone who would pay for an article on the welfare of animals?  SHE IS YOUR JOURNALISTS!


MEET Jelena Paunovoc born and raised in the Balkans. She is a caring, devoted animal activists. 

Jelena Paunovic' has spent the last 10 yrs documenting abuse by individuals and government shelters,  She writes reports posting on face book and  sending to the appropriate  Government and European Union departments.  With out her reporting many if these atrocities would never have been known.

She also rescues, taking these animals into her own home (a small apartment)  when funds could not be rised to put them into shelters.  

She is an educated journalist, who has been un-employed for over a year.  She has not had heat or electricity or any of the things that make life endurable.

Now she must give up her apartment. She wants to sell it, which will give her funds to relocate. 

BUT what happens to the animals she is keeping there.. BACK TO THE STREETS? God forbid!

She is dedicated her life to animals, And now we ask you will you help her with enough for the shelter fees.

I have worked with Jelena personally for over 2 years, sending her pet coats and blankets, she gave to rescuers needing help.  She needs our help now! -

Will you care  enough to help?!?

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