Sunday, August 31, 2014


All you wonderful animal activists and animal lovers! You make the world worth living when there is so much hatred and abuse you just want to crawl into a hole and pull the dirt over your head so you don’t know what is going on.
But I can’t do that, that for me would be a cowards way out .... Others may have to, nothing wrong to survive, and survival is the most important, SURVIVE PLEASE. (we, the world - we love and need you).

I am going to try to do two 50/50 draws at the same time. One of course is Andjeo Sarajevo BiH.. Edina Pasic, with the funding AWAB was giving the rescuers now primarily going to spay and neutering; they will need even more help from us individuals. The other is a request for help from Ajla Reiz. She found a deserted mother and her five pups and is already swamped with the 10 dogs she already personally feeds.
There are three YOUCARING PAGES: for those who want to donate but have no paypal account!
AndjeoSarajevo BiH donations go directly to rescurers
AjlaReiz - donations go directly to rescurers
AndjeoSarajevo BiH - donations go directly to rescurers
I only have one Paypal account. It covers my  business (which I hope if you need to buy items for your pets you will visit and consider buying from us.) and all other money exchanges. The two 50/50 draws are paying into my paypal account too. So I really need you to write messages, about who you are buying 50/50 tickets for. Otherwise, I have to find your email address or PM account and write and ask you.. not impossible but pain in the butt..and takes time away from my sewing..
Next, THIS I REALLY HATE ---- Winter is coming a lot faster then we may be happy about.. Can you make blankets and send to the rescues? Can you help them buy bales of straw? Great insulation against the cold that is coming! In the states we have second hand stores that some times have used blankets.. if you cut a old blanket into halves or fourths depending on size, they make great dog blankets. Also old socks can be cut to become sweaters/coats for puppies and kittens depending on size of course.. I’ll post how to do it here.

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