Saturday, March 12, 2016



we are responsible for our fellow man too.... PLEASE HELP!

 This is the picture millions of people around the world saw on 18th March 2002. This is Terry Ford, a farmer in Zimbabwe who was attacked in the early hours of the morning. He was beaten, hacked and then shot in the head. His faithful dog, Squeak, remained curled up against his body. It took hours to coax him away. Terry Ford was my brother, who stayed in Zimbabwe believing that Mugabe would never take the farms. My parents had been living with my husband and I, then living in South Africa, for many years as their pensions and Medical Aid had been stopped. My Father suffered a number of strokes after Terry's murder. We were finally able to get my Father back to the UK (he was British) in November 2010. I have an ancestral visa, my husband has a spousal visa. My elderly Mother, whom I have been the carer for many years now, is on an Indefinite Leave to Remain visa. Yesterday my husband and I were informed that our applications for Indefinite Leave to remain in the UK had been declined as we had erroneously omitted taking an English test and submitting same. We cannot appeal this decision. We are pleading with everyone to please sign this petition to assist us in getting our new visas. My elderly mother has dementia and other debilitating medical problems. With her dementia, she relies on me to do most things for her. There will be no family to take care of her if we are deported. The fact that we grew up in Rhodesia and were brought up in the British way under British rule for many years means nothing. Our only hope is to appeal to The Honourable Theresa May to assist us in this matter. We have supported ourselves since arriving in the UK over 5 years ago.

oh please help them by signing this petition!

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