Saturday, July 9, 2016


I guess this will be a soap box time for me.. you see I'm a little pissed off (better then being pissed on I guess.)

Anyway, I went to when I came on line and saw where it had been posted that Celine would live feed 4 of her tour songs.. from Paris.. I was sad I had missed it live, but went to see the site at her Facebook page celinedion. In reading some of the comments from I think English speaking people - they were complaining.they could not understand her.... WHAT COMPLAINING about seeing a show that costs over 100-200.00 usd and up to see.. and the stupid complaint was they did not understand what she was saying.. WELL YA.... the tour is in Paris France, where they speak French not English.. HER NATIVE LANGUAGE!!! DA!..

Now since people do  not normally say what country they are from, I am assuming they are Americans.. Although, I have been around the world lived in different countries while in the military..I'm a retired SSGT US Army and I went where ever my id allowed....

I have never met a people so into themselves to think everything must be in American English.. I am ashamed of the comments, this was streamed at the expense of Celine's pocket not thiers.. and it was not cheaply done...  and it was to the French not English speaking people.. be pleased you got to see it at all....

So I must say to Celine on the behalf of other English speaking people, but mainly on my behalf...  I apologize. We are a demanding sort of people, descending down from people who came to an unknown land.. unhappy with the countries we left.. and determined to be the best in the world.. we are not, but we try to make others believe it.

Dear Dear Celine, Please don't make us wait to long for a new English album.. I do not know about all Americans.. I know about me.. I want a new album - I love your voice but I respect and admire the woman you are, the mother & step mother, Sibling, daughter, widow, and friend you are!!

Don't make us wait to  long dear... we need real music, the ballads.. you give us.

Thank you for reading this and please know I live for the songs on Utube your other followers share.. 

Thank you for allowing them...French or English does not matter to me it is the voice and the connection to emotions you reflect when you sing.

I could go on forever, but then you would know how much I idolize you, and at 71 that is sort of embarrassing..!

I cryed daily when Rene died. Last year they found a  one centimeter Estrogen positive breast cancer tumor. He was diagnosed with his cancer three times it petrified me.. and the thought of you losing the physical Rene..made me cry every time I listened to you. But you gave an interview and said although he was physically no longer with you .. he was inside of you..and I stopped feeling sorry for me and realized so far I'm cancer free.. But it was you dear your interview that helped me.. Thank you!

And wow how you talked about up with your twins.. what a wonderful way to explain him being gone from their lives...

All this makes me just love you more.. but these are just some of the reasons You my dear are much more then a singer/entertainer... thank you!

Now When I'm depressed I just play my albums of you on repeat and continue to try raising funds for animal rescue in Eastern Europe!

Nelda L. Percival
your 71 yr old fan from the USA

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