Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Battered Street Cat

Over at Care2 you get to read about the kindness in some people's hearts. To bad more of us humans can't help our fellow animals. Good read:

Written by Lynnea Benson, Artistic Director of The Frog & Peach Theatre Co
"One November evening as I was coming home from work, I noticed a big feline hanging around our building on Manhattan’s Upper West Side — he was hard to miss. Big and fast, he’d paused steps away from the street level entrance to our apartment. I wasn’t sure if he’d paused because he spotted prey or was responding to my soft “Well, hello!”
I immediately ran inside to pop open a can of tuna for him. He wouldn’t come close to the treat with me present, so after speaking softly to him for a moment or two, I went back inside. I peeked out a few moments later, and the tuna can had been licked clean."

Go read the rest it warms your heart to know there are those who live to help!

Please go click on this button only takes a minute...doesn't cost you a thing...

There is a button here that if you click on it once a day will help feed and treat animals..

Please go do a click daily...

Have a great day - Save an animal today!


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