Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Have you pushed my button - Today?

Hi, I'm halfface. My almost twin sister has a full line down  the center of her nose, she is face. When we were born our human momma thought we looked like Possum babies...  LOL we sure fooled her! There are eight of us kids. No Mom's not a horder, but our kitty momma didn't get any birth control right away.. so there was two litters of us.. Our kitty Momma is now fixed and we don't have to share the play area with anyone else. I'm the shy one, that's why Grandma said I had to go first...

Anyway Grandma said I needed to ask you to push the button today! You know the link to feed all those hungry cousins of mine who have no human Mommies and Daddies to love them. I'm so glad my human mommie loves me. She gives us food and water everyday. You can feed the hungry every day by just pushing on this link! Would you please do it for me? I worry about them.

All eleven of us thank you!
10 cats 1 dog

My human Momma's dream would be to have a rescue home for un-adoptable pets, you know those with special needs...

Love Halfface
and momma Nelda

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