Friday, May 11, 2012

thursday its feed me time!

My name is Big Boy, a silly name but I love it.
Do you know how hard it is to live in a house full of GIRLS.... eck! No, really I love my sisters and Mom and Grandma and best of all My human momma. CoCo our doggie now she can be a little ruff cause she always wants to play! but she used to let me nurse on her.. Everybody says I look like grandma, but my almost twin brother does too.

What I wanted to talk about was all the cousins out there that don't have a nice home like we do. My human momma won't let us run free outside because we have that bobcat tick disease here. I'm about 2 yrs old but I  can't spell it so mom will have to tell you about it. Some of Mom's first rescue cats got sick with it...Mom lives back in the woods up a dirt road, in Missouri., and there are wild animals.

 Cytauxzoonosis -  A Fatal tick-borne illness
What the blazes is cytauxzoonosis? It is a disease carried by ticks infected by feeding on wild bobcats. So your cat plays in the woods picks up a tick and is bitten by it infecting him with Cytauxzoonosis.

There are no clinical signs of cytauxzoonosis during the first 20 days of infection, when the organism is growing within blood vessels throughout the cat’s body. The first signs are seen three to seven days before death occurs due to massive organ failure and bleeding disorders . . . 
When the cat starts showing clinical signs that it is sick, the time clock has started. The cat has five to six days before it is dead. The cells rupture, and the spleen and bone marrow are affected. The cat goes into shock, and it literally has no blood left. Its muscles cramp and the cat has a lot of pain.

My momma built our "CAT RUN" so we could go outside but not run off into the woods. She uses stuff to kill ticks every 2-3 months and spreads it all over and around our play house. Out to about 100 ft from our house. She really cares about us. Maybe Mom can show you a picture of our Cat home...

We get to go out through a kitchen window and most of us are outside all day long. Its fun playing in the sun...  I even caught a mouse.. Brought it in to mom, I thought she'd like it,  but she made me take it back outside.

Well Grandma says to ask you to go click on the food button. So our friends will have something to eat. I'm going outside to play you have a good day now.. 
Love you
Big Boy, the cat
 Don't forget to feed me!

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