Friday, May 11, 2012

My Cat House - remember to feed them...

BigBoy said I should tell you about their cat house. After loosing Scoop to the dreaded Bobcat tick dense, I decided I'd never let another of my cats die from my ignorance. The cat run is actually 24 ft long by about 6ft wide the roof on the far side is 10ft and on this side about 6ft. It has cat walks at different levels along the walls there is a tunnel and shelves that are divided into boxes for beds if they want to sleep. I dig up grass since I can't seem to get it to grow inside the feed to them every other day or so.. the cat boxes are out here as smelly boxes is not my thing.. as if it is any ones thing.

Here you can see part of the cat walks inside the cathouse.
All ten if my cats just love being outside. This is the only way I can give them what they crave and still protect them.

I'd love to create a shelter for un-adoptable animals. My sister and I have close to 9 acres here, undeveloped land. If I ever win the lottery that is my goal with my half of it.

Now to give you the link to go feed the animals at the Great animal rescue site...

Nelda sending love for all those who need it...  (my web site)

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